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It is never about quick fixes but all about lasting value. 

Key success factors

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Your business is unique

Not a one-size-fits-all but a flexible approach tailored to your unique business needs.

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Digital tracking

Thanks to the EquityBuilder software with built in Expert libraries, you can easily track progress.

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Time is money

You will see value from the start, but we achieve most maturity after 18-24 months as some actions need time to implement. 

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We do believe that best results happen in small doses, step by step. But you choose the pace: intensive or moderate, on your own or assisted.

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Teamwork only

The program progresses through your team and embeds permanent changes in the operating system of the company. The impact lasts, even if we are no longer there!

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KPI`s: Keep People Informed!

Intuitive dashboards allow you to track the value of your company, monitor progress via leading indicators and gauge pending actions.

Program modules

EquityBuilder maximises all value creation levers, including the Multiple, Ebitda, and Net Debt (or Net Cash). Not only by considering quantitative enhancements but also by incorporating long-term qualitative drivers and future expectations.


Base Case assessment

This module focuses on determining the current value and setting priorities and Buyer`s expectations. We will start with a comprehensive survey.


Financials: fix the basics

Solid and timely financials are the base for value creation. We will help you to establish this.


Ebitda Enhancers

Improving recurring profitable growth by boosting the Ebitda drivers. It is a lot more than cost management and efficiency increases! 


Net Debt/Cash optimizers

How to move more cash and much faster to your bank account without interrupting the business? We will successfully deal with that in this module.


Multiple enhancers

Reducing risk, enhancing growth drivers and increasing strategic value. We also integrate employee and customer satisfaction to make your future business more resilient and ....attractive.

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