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a bridge to symbolize building equity and boosting the value of  your company. Bridging the current state to the future more valuable state

Be ready.

With the program known to consistently boost company value.

Imagine there was a way to boost the value of your business ... tenfold.

​Many business owners or CEO`s are passionate about running their operations.  But almost all of them overlook the simple steps to maximize the value of their business. 

EquityBuilder is a uniquely designed program with actionable steps and proprietary frameworks. ​The approach focuses on maximizing lasting shareholder value, something very often overlooked by traditional M&A advisors who mostly focus on the sales transaction.​


1 / My company is not for sale, so why start now?

Be prepared.  One day life might take over or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might present itself. You'll kick yourself for being unprepared and for having to sell for a lot less!

2 / What size of company is this program for?

Starting 7 figure businesses is where the programme has the largest impact. It was created with the complexity of manufacturing enterprises in mind, but it can serve any industry.  

3 / But I still have plenty of time?

Many of the variables that reduce the company's worth can only be addressed with enough time. It is advisable to detect these roadblocks ahead of time; otherwise, it will be too late. Furthermore, because the market environment will change dramatically in the coming years as a result of the widespread implementation of AI, you should be prepared to transform or sell.

4 / Will this require a lot of my time?

This is the best portion. You choose the cadence based on your time horizon, so long as you begin immediately. The time you invest now will yield a substantial return later on.

5 / There are plenty of Buyers....

Unprepared owners are at the mercy of buyers while prepared owners sell their companies to the most interesting strategic buyers.

6 / No need, it is all about maximum profit!

Unfortunately, this is a suboptimal strategy. Profit is not the only factor that affects a business's value. However, all of this is included in the EquityBuilder program.

7 / Who is this program for?

Owners and shareholders who intend to exit at some point.

BOD members who want to have a greater impact on the business.

CEOs who wish to accurately measure and communicate their accomplishments.

Private equity firms seeking to produce more value than simply deleverage.

8 / Shareholder value is too much focused on the short term!

The program's genius is that it assesses long-term shareholder value. It establishes a framework for long-term success, taking into account non-financial factors such as employee and customer satisfaction, as well as innovation.

9 / My company performance is too low.

The main objective of the entire program is to create value.
Two of the three key value creation levers are performance-based. Due to the adaptability of the approach, we can prioritise the performance-enhancing actions first.

A testimonial

“I fully recommend the EquityBuilder program. The return is multiple times what you pay.

The program is well thought, actionable, and involves the entire team step by step so the value lasts. ”


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